Audit and Assurance

It is widely known that an audit is much more than a formality, it's a real necessity.

An audit is an independent assessment of the fairness by which a company's financial statements are presented by its management. It must be objective, independent, and conducted with integrity and professionalism, both to protect the business and to encourage it to thrive. Audit quality is a fundamental component of our firm's strategy and vision and a standard consistently reinforced throughout KPSA.

The KPSA audit approach is based on developing a sound understanding of the business and the financial and business risks that the organisation faces. By agreeing expectations at an early stage the audit is focused on the requirements of the business. This enables us to provide an audit opinion on the financial statements while still presenting the business owner(s) with useful information to assist in future developments and also provide assurance for third parties or external users that such statements present 'fairly' the company's financial condition and results of operations.

At KPSA, our approach reflects our experience and demonstrates an understanding of what our clients need:

  • We co-operate with you, offering continuous interest in your company's affairs.
  • Our risk-based approach combined with an up-front risk assessment ensures an understanding on your business's key issues and concerns and identifies possible threats.
  • Subject to independent constraints, we can also offer pro-active advice on the risks the company faces, including practical solutions to accounting and systems weaknesses.
  • For smaller organisations, we also offer a basic audit that delivers the compliance and a true picture of your company's operations at the minimum cost.
  • With KPSA, you can rely on your business's financial information, while making your financial reporting process easier, more effective and more in line with your business goals.

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